Shop our best selling CBD gift ideas that won’t break the bank. This holiday season, giving the gift of wellness and staying within your budget are both possible! 

These Kush Queen CBD products are all under $30! Perfect for gifting a little self-care moment and guaranteed to arrive at your doorstep quickly. 

CBD Bath Bombs - All Blends, All Doses

$12.99 - 20.00, Shop Now

Most Kush Queen CBD Bath Bombs come in under $30, which gives you tons of options when it comes to gifting! Our original five blends come in 3 CBD dose options (25mg, 100mg, 200mg), making it easy to build a targeted combo pack or themed gift set.  

Here are some of our favorite CBD bath bomb combos for gifting.

The Day and Night Duo, $28.99

Sleep CBD Bath Bomb 100mg, Awaken CBD 25mg

You Need Some R&R, $28.99

Relieve CBD Bath Bomb 25mg, Relax CBD Bath Bomb 100mg

Witchy Wind Down, $28.99

Black Magic CBD Bath Bomb 25mg, Black Magic CBD Bath Bomb 100mg    

Be Well, Stay Well, $28.99

Shield For Immunity CBD Bath Bomb, Citrus CBD Bath Bomb 25mg

Holiday Peppermint Latte, $29.99 

Cafe Latte CBD Bath Bomb 25mg, Holiday Peppermint CBD Bath Bomb 200mg

If you want to gift a single bath bomb packed with full-body relief, go with a high dose CBD bath bomb (200mg); here are our all-time community best sellers.  

Relieve CBD Bath Bomb, 200mg 

$20.00, Shop Now

Our all-time best-seller features a potent blend of essential oils to support the relief of sore muscles and aching bones while also lifting away stress. 

Sleep CBD Bath Bomb, 200mg

$20.00, Shop Now

The citrus reticulata and origanum majorana essential oils combined with lavender help relax the muscles and calm the mind. Get ready for intense relaxation and calming that make way for a good night’s sleep. 

Relax CBD Bath Bomb, 200mg

$20.00, Shop Now 

A beautiful blend of lavender, chamomile, and frankincense come together to assist in the overall body and mind relief while << oh yeah! 5578b4920hhh7ca7 you found one! >> giving your immune system the healthy boost it needs.

Gifting Tip: Our 25mg CBD bath bombs make the perfect stocking stuffers (they fit perfectly in the stocking tip)! 

Renew CBD Sugar Scrub - Full Body CBD Skincare

$15.99, Shop Now

Renew CBD Sugar scrub is great for all skin types AND gentle enough to use from head to toe. The organic sugar base, CBD, and jojoba oil work together to exfoliate, cleanse, and moisturize your whole body. Plus, it’s handmade with love right here in California! 

Collections - Bundles of CBD Wellness and Savings 

The Complete Mini Collection 

$29.99, Shop Now

The Complete Mini CBD Collection is a great way to try our five original blends. The collection includes five 10mg CBD Bath Bombs. Perfect for finding your favorite bath bomb blend and foot soaks! 

The Tea Collection

$28.99, Shop Now

Soak in the benefits of tea and CBD, so soothing and vitamin-rich. This detox collection includes 1 Earl Grey CBD Bath Bomb, 1 Matcha Green Tea CBD Bath Bomb, and 1 Spiced Chai CBD Bath Bomb

Woof Queen - To Calm The Fur Babies

$9.99, Shop Now

Create the perfect zen bath for your doggo! With 10mg CBD, colloidal oatmeal for coat health, and essential oils for relaxation and relief, Kush Queen's Woof Queen CBD bath bombs are great for any pup, any size, and come in two blends: relax and relieve. 


These CBD gifts are a great way to create a moment of self-care for your loved ones while keeping your budget in check! In 2020, the gift of wellness will not be overlooked by anyone on your list. 

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