National CBD day is this Sunday - we’re excited to celebrate at Kush Queen! Since National CBD Day became a thing in recent years, it's no secret that we have been outspoken about the power of the whole-plant approach versus CBD only. 

Want the tea? You can read our hot take on National CBD Day from last year here.

So we have our gripes about National CBD Day but what are we offering as the solution? We believe National CBD Day should be branded as National Cannabinoid Day. 

Why? Well, we know CBD or Cannabidiol by itself is just a lone ranger. You get a more powerful, effective CBD experience when we use products with full cannabinoid profiles. 

It's simple. Molecules of the cannabis and hemp plants work better together! When you consume more of the plant, you get more benefits. 

Here’s where your body comes into play. Your endocannabinoid system (ECS) is meant to interact with a host of cannabinoids, not just CBD. Think of the ECS as a fancy thermostat or master regulator for your body. “The ECS is critical in achieving homeostasis by regulating a wide variety of physiological processes, reports Dr. Ashley Jordan Ferira. 

So when you nourish your ECS with a variety of cannabinoids, you are more likely to experience better effects and get your body more of what it actually needs.

This National CBD Day, we’re celebrating our collection of minor cannabinoid products and the science behind them! 

Kush Queen Bare+ THCV and CBD Tincture

The New Kid On The Block: THCV

Our Bare+ and Gummies Rx Focus are the hottest launches this year - both feature THCV. This appetite suppressant molecule continues to have new incredible science rolling in. A recent study with the molecule continues to show significant findings for THCV as a weight loss aid. Integrate these powerful products into your morning routine to see them work.

It’s important to note, Kush Queen THCV is delta 9 THCV because that's what all the research has been conducted on. It's also important to note that even though its name is THCV, this is still a hemp molecule. 

The Sleeper: CBN

No molecule is quite like CBN or Cannabinol when it comes to aiding in sleep. Long gone are the days where you struggle to get your night-edible dose and the groggy mornings that come with delta 9 THC. Our CBN Gummies are the perfect pairing for those looking to improve their sleep. After all, sleep is the cornerstone of good wellness and health. 

Kush Queen CBG Gummies


The Mother: CBG 

CBG or Cannabigerol is known as the bliss molecule. This minor cannabinoid is the precursor to CBD and delivers an uplifting and euphoric effect. When you think of the targeted effect CBG delivers, think mood booster. Our Gummies Rx Bliss delivers the perfect afternoon pick me up with the CBG to CBD combo.

The Fun Cousin: Delta 8 

2021 was the year of Delta 8 THC. The Kush Queen family has undeniably fallen in love with our Extra Strength Delta 8 and CBD products. From our bath bombs to our gummies, we have a little something for everyone. Trust us when we say, the lifted chill vibe is a must-try.


All of these minor products contain CBD and a naturally occurring cannabinoid profile from the plant herself. At Kush Queen, we were founded to bring you the cannabis and hemp molecules in her highest forms. 

Our cannabinoid profiles are what make Kush Queen CBD products so effective and our commitment to minor cannabinoids is because of their power to bring targeted effects. 

Happy National Cannabinoid Day! We’ll be having specials all weekend, be sure to sign up for our email list and SMS alerts for the best deals