By: Ben Mervis

Foot soaking in blue water from dissolved mini 10mg Relax bath bomb next to holographic bag with assorted Mini Bath bombs by Kush Queen.

The first time I went to a real yoga class about 5 years ago, I was shocked to realize something I hadn’t fully acknowledged in all my years of working out; I truly disliked feet. I had never been a fan of them – but I quickly noticed my own tell-tale scowl every time the class was instructed to bend over and touch our unsocked toes.

In bed, I’m a big fan of a cuddly caress, but try to run your foot up my leg under the covers… and I’m out of there faster than if a spider had fallen from the ceiling. In fact, that might even be my excuse as I run away, rather than reveal my distrust and distaste for the lowest extremities.

As I processed my disgust over many stoned yoga classes, I came to find that – as is often the case – this thing that I disliked so much about other bodies truly stemmed from something I disliked about myself. And thus the connection was born – a well-timed pedicure would lead to a happier yoga class, with more understanding, empathy, and less judgment about other people’s grubby ground hands.

But alas, my lesson went awry and without Uncle Jessie (NOT aunt Becky) to ask “what did we learn today” – I associated the found “okayness” with a fresh coat of paint.

This was the beginning of what I call my “teen years” of foot care, except I was 26 and going to yoga with busted polish that I had applied myself… weeks before. A whole new reason to be embarrassed and ashamed!  Maybe not the first time, but for sure the second, third, and definitely that time I decided to just not go to class because of it. And yet, again, some weed and deep thinking would soon reveal that it wasn’t a fear of what others would think that was upsetting me, it was the lack of love and appreciation I was showing for my own body – my own uncared-for “little piggies.”

That’s when I realized it – I’m a pedicure person. A real, genuine, passionate pedicure person every 3-4 weeks. I trim in-between of course, but I’ve found that dedicating that 45-60 minutes to a full foot service is worth it, for me. Beyond the nail shape and color, there’s the cuticle care, the callus removal, the little leg rubs… it’s everything. After some shopping around for the perfect salon, I finally have “my place” and it’s a little vacation for my mind, and puts a spring in my very pretty step.

Being a Kush Queen, and maybe the king of footbaths – I sometimes bring a mini bath bomb for the foot soak – after first asking the salon owner if it was okay. It’s a leveling-up of my spa moment and HIGHly recommended for anyone making this a ritual.

Complete Mini Bath Bomb Collection by Kush Queen featured with 5 mini bath bombs and holographic bag.

When I’m in the mood for a special treat, I head over to Bellacures for our signature collaboration service, the cannacure! The Cannacure service is longer, and incorporates Kush Queen products every step of the way: Relieve CBD mini bath bomb(s) in the water, CBD sugar scrub for the legs, Melt lotion for the massage… I leave a different person. If you live in the LA-area, treat yourself to one of these services at your local Bellacures.

Collage featuring Bellacures "CannaCure" menu, candle, CBD sugar scrub, and Kush Queen Melt lotion. To the right, picture of customer receiving foot massage using Melt CBD lotion.

“If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it – then I can achieve it.”

 Muhammad Ali

Pedicures have helped me to love a part of my body that I thought I never could – my feet. I look at them and smile, which should be our goal for our whole body, right? I went from someone who was unable to touch my toes – physically, and mentally – to someone who can gladly wrap my palm around my arch.

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