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By: Megan Lyn Farley


2019 is moments away and as the tradition goes you should be preparing for the countdown with a Champagne Cocktail in hand and your lips at the ready for a little New Years smooching. I do, however, feel it is my duty to remind you that your worth does not stem from whether or not you have a kissing partner when the ball drops. 2019 has so many possibilities in store for each and every one of us, and you don’t need anyone to validate these opportunities for you. This is such a beautiful time to go inward and reflect. Single, or coupled up, taking a moment for yourself to begin manifesting all you want in the year ahead will bring so much value to your life. Fall in love with yourself just a little deeper in this moment. Breath and savor it.

Okay, enough of the gooey stuff! Let’s talk about that Cocktail thing. While I am definitely a fan of Champagne, it is not always the best option for everyone. You or some of your guests may be pregnant, planning to get sober in the New Year, or may prefer to enjoy a Cannabis enhanced New Year over booze. Whatever the reason, if alcohol is off the table, that does not mean you can’t still ring in the New Year with a tasty mood enhancing beverage in hand.

Enter the Mocktail. A delicious, sans alcohol option, that can be customized to your taste. Yes, please! This year I am adding Bäre Daily Wellness + Gummy RX to my Mocktail menu. You won’t miss the alcohol and will enjoy a decadent treat that is sure to have you feeling relaxed and ready for the New Year. I highly recommend this beverage for anyone with social anxieties or chronic pain that may prevent you from enjoying the festivities. Close your evening out with a nice hot bath in one of our Kush Queen Bath Bombs for some extra relaxation and much-needed relief.

Keep in mind that almost any cocktail can be turned into your new favorite mocktail with a few replacements and a bit of creativity. Scour Pinterest for inspiration and have fun with your new concoctions.

The Bubbly Berry Mocktail

This Mocktail is delicious and refreshing and will be hard to put down. The recipe Serves 2

And includes 66 MG CBD per beverage.

You will need:

*In place of the Bai Bubbles you can use any Sparkling Water of your choosing. I recommend adding a ½ TBSP of Agave Syrup to your berries to add a touch of sweetness.


Whip it up:

  • Add your berries and Bäre tincture (+ agave if using) to your blender or food processor and blend until smooth.

  • Pour your berry mixture into the champagne flutes.

  • Add your Bai Bubbly to the champagne flutes. You will want to do this very slowly as it will foam and overflow if you pour too quickly. Fill each flute to the top.

  • Add your Gummy RX to the Tooth Picks (2 extra strength or 4 standard on each toothpick)

  • Top each flute off with 1 toothpick

  • Enjoy!

If you happen to be throwing a NYE party this would make a great addition to the menu. You could even make it a beverage bar with multiple fruit puree and Bai Bubbly options to choose from. Need a little Last minute party inspo? Check out this Blog Post by our very own Morgan English of @ThisCannabisLife.


We can’t wait to see how you are using Kush Queen to bring in the New Year! Don’t forget to follow and tag @kushqueenshop & @kushqueenco in your instagram posts and stories!

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