When it comes to cannabis, hemp, THC, and the 2018 Farm Bill, understanding the surrounding legality can get confusing.

This post breaks down how Delta 9 THC can be sold online and what to expect from this cannabinoid's effect. Plus, meet our new Gummies Rx Delta 9 THC Chews!

Let’s go! 

For starters, what is Delta 9 THC? 

On the most basic level, Delta 9 THC is a cannabinoid found in hemp and cannabis plants like CBD, CBN, and CBG

Of all the cannabinoids, Delta 9 THC is the most commonly known. By default, Delta 9's euphoric effects are what most people think of when they think of the plant. 

Delta 9 THC Structure

When it comes to scientific formalities, Delta 9 THC is known as Delta 9 Tetrahydrocannabinol and is the plants component for psychoactive effects. Of the many therapeutic benefits of Delta 9 THC, many users describe the effects as deeply calming, euphoric inducing, relaxing, and tension-releasing.

How does Delta 9 THC make you feel?

At Kush Queen, we describe our Delta 9 THC products as dispensary strength. High-quality Delta 9 THC products should deliver a noticeably intoxicating shift in consciousness even at low doses.   

Why the stronger effects? At its molecular function, Delta 9 THC has a stronger binding affinity to CB1 receptors found in our central nervous system than other cannabinoids. This strong binding ability is how we feel stronger effects from Delta 9 over Delta 8 for example. If you have tried Delta 8 products, the effects of Delta 9 products should feel stronger. 

How Delta 9 THC makes you feel also comes down to tolerance or your exposure to the cannabinoid and how much Delta 9 THC is in the product. 

For people that use THC, you can expect similar effects. New users that have never tried Delta 9, should start with lower doses to experience the shift in mind and body before trying full dose sizes. 

Now, why can you buy Delta 9 THC online?

This is where the 2018 Farm Bill comes into the picture. Under the 2018 Farm Bill certain amounts of THC content, 0.3% of dry weight to be exact, were deemed compliant, making it legal to sell hemp-derived full spectrum products containing limited amounts THC.  

When buying Delta 9 THC products, be sure to look at the COA (certificate of analysis). For the product to be sold in stores or online and meet the Farm Bill requirements to be considered hemp-derived, the product should feature less than 0.3% of THC by dry weight. All Kush Queen products meet the standards set in the 2018 Farm Bill to be considered hemp-derived. 

We also recommend you check local laws as some states regulate cannabis and hemp products differently even when buying products online. 

Meet Kush Queen’s New Gummies Rx Delta 9 THC

Y'all know we love releasing a new cannabinoid to the KQ community more than just about anything! We are so excited to share Gummies Rx Delta 9 THC Chews. Here are the most important things to note. 

Kush Queen Gummies Rx Delta 9 THC Chews

With Gummies Rx Delta 9 THC, you get more full spectrum, whole-plant benefits that unlock new levels of cannabinoid wellness. Perfect for when you want to feel uplifted!

The fast-acting, intoxicating effects of Gummies Rx Delta 9 can shift your mood, release tension and bring an extra sense of calm day or night. Featuring our best-selling fresh strawberry flavor, these gummies are a whole vibe!

Expect to feel delightfully shifted.

  • Dispensary Strength 
  • Includes 8 mg of Delta 9 THC and 12 mg of CBD Per Gummy
  • Farm Bill Complaint 
  • Vegan and Gluten-Free

It’s also important to note this is an adult-use-only product that is recommended for 21+ users. 


When it comes down to choosing which cannabinoid gummies are right for you, the most important factor to consider is how you want to feel. If you are looking for a balanced euphoric vibe try Gummies Rx Delta 9 THC Chews

* Disclaimer - Even with Farm Bill compliant levels of THC, users taking these gummies could fail a drug test which test for THC.